Kids Game Day 11/11/05 @ Kids Edusoft – Villa Paletti, Ticket to Ride, Boomtown

12 Nov

Kids Game Day Report @ Kids Edusoft Cheras 11/11/2005
by jack208

Games: Villa Paletti, Ticket to Ride, Boomtown

Location: Kids Edusoft, Cheras
Date/Time: 11 November 2005 7.30 PM – 9.30 PM


Today’s the 1st Boardgaming Testdrive Day for Kids due to requests from parents from last week’s Kids Boardgame Party.

We’ve prepared a list of games that are suitable for children to play (though some may require house rules to keep the game simple). Obviously we have the favorites Ticket to Ride and Hare & Tortoise, but we’ve also added in Villa Paletti, Carcassonne, and Boomtown. Clans and Attika are meant for the older children in case some turn up.

BGK Kids Game Day Nov '05


We started with Paletti’s game of completing his dream villa. In this game – not unlike Jenga but improved with scoring and levels – the children are requested to help Paletti complete his dream villa by pulling out existing pillars from the lower level and building it on the next level.

BGK Meetup - Villa Paletti 

A game of dexterity and steady hands, this game is just the perfect game to start off any children gaming session and helping them break the ice. We played two games of Villa Paletti before we moved on to the next game – a fave among the kids (and some adults too) Ticket to Ride!


Newbies were given a quick walk-thru of the rules, and off they go – using the BoardgameKids’ House Rules for Kids. Destination tickets were drawn, trains were counted and the youngest one starts first… Choo choo…the train network continued to grow….

BGK Meetup - Ticket to Ride 

Aruwin (left in picture below), a newbie to our gaming session, won the game hands-down. He was running away with the game halfway through and was just too far ahead for the others to catch him!

BGK Meetup - Ticket to Ride


Next we move on to gold mining….. A game of bidding and probability plus astute cashflow management. This game can really bring out some “money habits” of the children.

BGK Meetup - Boomtown  BGK Meetup - Boomtown 
Angst and Joy for the kids during the bidding stage!

In the bidding stage, some kids spent all the money they have to bid bid bid..regardless of the value of the items available for bidding. Some keep their money and only bid where needed or when a good hand is shown. Some did not even know whether they should bid or not. 

BGK Meetup - Boomtown 

Boomtown is a game of opportunity, a game of making money…. Some kids “get it” very quickly, some take time to understand. Letting your children play this game will actually help you understand his (future) money habit a bit better.

BGK Meetup - Boomtown 

But did the children enjoy this game? Of course they did… one parent even wanted to buy the testdrive set and take it home for all her children to play!!

Ok, till next event… ta-da.

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