School Holiday Kids Party 30/10/05 @ Kids Edusoft – Ticket to Ride, Hare & Tortoise, Xiangqi

31 Oct

Holiday Kids Party Report @ Kids Edusoft Cheras 30/10/2005
by jack208

Games: Ticket to Ride, Hare & Tortoise, Xiangqi

Location: Kids Edusoft, Cheras
Date/Time: 30 October 2005 1.00 PM – 3.00 PM


Kids Edusoft did their customary school holiday’s Kids Party. More than 30 little friends turned up…. The 2nd Floor learning centre is really in party mood and the event started off with the “Lion King” movie.

After the “Lion King” movie, we rearranged the rooms for boardgaming. We are introducing it for the 1st time in a KE party and we hope the kids would take up this healthy social hobby.

BGK Meetup @ Kids Edusoft 

Two tables; a younger group (4-6 yr old) doing Hare & Tortoise while the bigger group (9-12 yr old) did Ticket to Ride. Wai Yan did the explanation of the Hare & Tortoise game while I covered T2R.


A very good game to help the children improve their maths. This is a simple race game where you spent carrots to move forward.

BGK Meetup - Hare & Tortoise 

However you are given limited carrots and the children soon understands they cannot just rush blindly forward. They need to stop, move back to earn more carrots.

BGK Meetup - Hare & Tortoise 

Then there’s also the 3 lettuce which they have to finish consuming before they can end the race.

BGK Meetup - Hare & Tortoise

The number of carrots required to be “paid” when moving forward has to be calculated mentally by the children – using simple additions. Children playing this game will certainly improve their mathematical skills!

BGK Meetup - Hare & Tortoise 


We did a simplified version of the game with the following house rules:
– Long routes were removed from the Ticket pile; long routes being those that have 15 points or more and span East-West
– Players were given two ticket cards.
– Once a player has completed a ticket, he announces it, scores it and gets a new card
– No penalty for uncompleted tickets
– Other rules remain

BGK Meetup - Ticket to Ride 

laiwah commented it’s better to give them one ticket rather than two – to have better focus.

BGK Meetup - Ticket to Ride 

They all enjoyed it very much. Most caught on to the gameplay except for one kid who has not started schooling yet so he’s very young and that explains why he had difficulty grasping the gameplay.

BGK Meetup - Ticket to Ride 

Two older kids even started “confrontational” playing…..attempting to block each other’s route.

BGK Meetup - Ticket to Ride 


Even the traditional Chinese Chess was brought to the table as two older children decided to spar among themselves.

BGK Meetup - Xiangqi 

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